Applying Modeling & Simulation for Defense

Applying Modeling & Simulation for Defense

This issue presents a framework for achieving information dominance across organizations. It also looks at the successful use of M&S throughout the acquisition life cycle in a Department of Defense ...

A Proven Resource for Maximizing DoD Dollars

A Proven Resource for Maximizing DoD Dollars

The DoD Information Analysis Centers (IACs) serve as an essential resource to affordably deliver technical data and analyses in support of current operations. The Pentagon has recognized the DoD IACs' ability to maximize ...

DISA reorganization highlights Cybersecurity
Best Practice/Reference Document

DISA reorganization highlights Cybersecurity

Latest re-org and reassignment of responsibilities.

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    Quanterion Solutions IncorporatedThe CSIAC contract was awarded in the Fall of 2012 to a team assembled by Quanterion Solutions Incorporated, a small business based in Utica, New York. The company...
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    Database Design
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    The CSIAC's SME Network is one of the most valuable resources to the user community. They provide a wealth of knowledge and information to the center through a variety of means. For example, SMEs...
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    Wet Bulb
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    War Headquarters Exercise